"A Lively Afternoon" by Addy Malinowski

After the midterms

Voting? Fuck that shit! The monotonous drone of the election-cycle Facebook feed stuns me. Twitter horror! Debt and lead lingers in our veins even when we withdraw into nostalgia for prior administrations. Who cares about Joe Biden's tears? Let's make good on the promise for violence: Arm women, queers, blacks, arm the poor, the Wal-Mart slaves, the Target drones, an antifa army of sicko clowns, snapchat Stalinists, and leftist meme warriors! Gulag the police! Only then will we get down on all fours and make new love in the Mall. Oh Civility! Fact! Unity! Kill every last reddit troll, every Incel, edgelord, and redpill fuckboy. We have promised to assassinate and bury in mass grave each and every last snowflake upset about not being able to say the n-word in public anymore. We have cast off the tyrannical shackles of debate and "acceptable opinion", if only in order to cultivate true passion, lust for murder—of neo-Nazis, young fascists, and Richard Spencer wannabees. Our beginning was begun on the border of hope and total annihilation. Unable to reach an understanding, the future unfolds in front of the barrel of an AR-15. In the end, a pig's head affixed to a wilting tree. Oh, sacred lively afternoon! An age of assassins.