"Smashing Glass in Controlled Conditions" by Adrian Manning


smashing glass
in controlled conditions

down at the dump
is very good for the soul
the sound is healing
it takes my rage
and shatters it into
a thousand small pieces
a good feeling
I see three mirrors
and more damn
bad luck
coming my

"Steve" by Adrian Manning


was in high school
we worked at the same
and played in a band
then I heard
in his 30s he had a stroke
it was touch and go

now he works in
the local McDonald’s
and I saw him there
he smiles the biggest
of smiles and says hello
struggles to make conversation
cannot find the words
he wants
and has to write his
kids' names on a napkin
but he smiles that
biggest of smiles
and I realise
what a pathetic
bastard I am