"When the Handsome Overgrown Samoan Boy Stands Again in Front

of Your Glass-Walled Beach House in Venice & Begins To Masturbate,

Never Taking His Eyes Off You…" by Alexis Rhone Fancher

Lock eyes with your accomplice.


This is what comes with glass houses.


He will touch himself through denim.

His dick will break free of his cut-off jeans,


Bigger than a cucumber.


Don’t worry! His eyes will never leave your face.

No one will guess your truth.


Reach under your skirt, pull aside your panties,

Touch your rock hard clit.


Watch your reflection in the window glass as the

Daylight shifts into dusk,


Look at his face as you make yourself come.


This is how you cope with loss.

*previously published in enter here

(kyso flash, 2017)