"This One Isn't Pretty" by Aly Acevedo

I want you to wrap

my name around your

throat until I am all you breathe.


I want to paint you

hard and then soft then 

back to rough to mess with your head.


It just isn’t love

without chaos, right?


I want there to be

fire in your bed. All

that will be left is ash and smoke.


The scent of madness

making you dizzy.

Spin around me so we can go unsteady. 


It just isn’t true 

without despair, right?


I want you to crack

your spine to feel me

shiver up your soul with relief.


I want to keep you

bent like a page

or a prayer, say you love me.


Say you want me, please.

Let me eat you whole. 

"7 Layers of Hell" by Aly Acevedo
after sierra demulder


In this room, 

God is real.


In this room,

A thousand unfamiliar hands

Clawing over my lifeless body.


In this room,

The entire world is uneducated.


In this room,

My mother doesn’t say anything, 

Only looks at me in disgrace.


In this room, 

All of this generation’s advocate's tongues cut out

To leave them in deafening silence. 


In this room, 

All of the men I have loved

Leave me over and over again. 


In this room, 

I actually died at the moment

I wanted it most.