"Pyre (I)" by Aly Acevedo

Can you burn the porcelain if it is full of water

Can I toss this body in with it

Can these bruises turn to burns

Can the glass shards melt into something beautiful

Will the trash bags full of you become the ash in the air


I save the image of when you laid my body out

I rescue the porcelain bathtub


Our bed feeds the fire

The cold air turns to smoke

The doors you slammed dance in flames

The bathtub is black and empty

And you never hold me again


"Pyre (II) by Aly Acevedo

Let this flicker of light dance into the night,

rot this carcass til the animals feast.

Am I something worth looking at?


Let this fire burn my skin,

dress my corpse in untouchable heat.

Am I finally at peace?


Let this flame only leave bones,

make my lifeless body unrecognizable.

Am I burning beautifully?


Don’t mourn me.