"Hide and Seek" by Arielle LaBrea

I will sneak through the dark corners of
your house at night and brush my hands
over your clothes and rearrange your shoes.
I will rummage through your freezer and
steal your last cherry ice pop,
leave the stick on the side of your sink
and write a capital A on it with a purple Sharpie.
I will take your keyring and replace each one
with one of mine, just to drive you crazy.
I will leave a trail of evidence of me in
every corner of your house, just because I
want you to know that I'm always watching,
waiting for you to figure this out.
I will leave a sticky note on your arm while you sleep
with the words "count to 100, then come find me,"
have you look under your steps, in your pantry,
in your dryer, find me mixed in with your darks.
I will lurk around your car in the morning
and paint a black heart on the driver's side
window and you'll break it with your fist.