"A Very Young Something with Wings" by Ben Arzate

Three weeks ago, something fell from the sky and smashed into my car. Shattered the windshield and put a huge dent in the hood. Needless to say, it was dead when I found it. It looked like a guy with wings, so I assumed it was an angel. Figured it ran into something that knocked it out of the sky. Maybe caught a stroke or a heart attack in midair and was dead before it hit the ground. The same thing happened last year with an old angel crashing through someone's skylight and into their living room. This one looked pretty young though. Like 20 at the oldest.


The police couldn't find any ID or anything on it. They called in a steward from the local angel's union, but he didn't recognize the body. He couldn't find anyone who looked like it in their records either. When the coroner got a hold of it and took off its clothes, he found there was nothing on its crotch. Just blank flesh like a Barbie or a Ken doll. It looked male, but when they cut it open they found a uterus. But when they cut the uterus open, they found a penis and testicles nestled in there like a fetus. So at this point, they don't know if it's male or female or a hermaphrodite. They're not even sure if it's an angel, because there's never been one with insides like that.


They're doing all they can to spread news and pictures of the thing all over the Internet, TV, and the local newspaper. They're hoping someone who knew it when it was alive will come forward and they'll get some answers.