"Poem" by Blake Middleton

i have been a person on the earth for 23 years

23 years of eating and shitting and crying and laughing

five years of drinking

i don't remember the first dozen 

so really i feel like i've been a person for ~ten years 

tomorrow i'll wake up and go to work

for the rest of my life i'll wake up and go to work most days

and it’ll fucking suck

but i’ll try to find meaning in the struggle

i moved into a new apartment yesterday

walked five blocks to an israeli restaurant with my girlfriend after we moved some shit in

she ordered a beer and a falafel

i ordered a glass of wine

the cashier poured a third of a glass

and said that was all they had

so he gave me the glass for free

it felt good to sit outside with a person i love and watch the cars pass and drink free wine

it feels so good and easy to be a person on the world sometimes

i'm doing my little thing

and everyone else is doing their little thing, and i'm not thinking about them

and they’re not thinking about me 

and it makes sense that way

i mean i like it that way

because i don’t like being around most people

sartre liked to complain about capitalism alienating people

but that’s probably my favorite part about capitalism


after i finished my wine and she finished her beer and food we walked to the supermarket

passed some homeless people

felt glad i wasn't homeless

glad i wasn't insane or homeless

we bought a bottle of cheap wine at the supermarket

walked back to our apartment and sat on the stoop and drank and complained about the president

it was easy to complain about the president

because the president of the united states is a fucking moron

and when he dies i’m going to throw a party and you’re all invited

we’re going to get a donald trump piñata and fill it with whatever drugs you want

and we’ll do the piñata drugs and smash everything i own and light shit on fire

and bernie sanders will be there

wearing a thong and shooting a pistol at the fucking moon

while yelling about universal healthcare

hell yeah