"Dresser" by Brice Maiurro

i've had this dresser for over half my life
wooden, six drawers
little knobs on the drawers
rectangular it is so very rectangular
and i love the thing really i do
it's hard not to love something
that's been so loyal
and in my room
i'm lying on my floor for some dumb reason
and i say to the dresser
"i don't know why i love you, dresser,
you're just a vessel full of all the things
i've gathered,"
and the dresser says
"just like you, asshole."

that was the last time
my dresser and i ever spoke
but i'm not going to get rid of it,

"It's a Listen to The Beatles on Vinyl
in Headphones Kind of Night" by Brice Maiurro

after a
walking home in the cold without a jacket
kind of day

where i talked to
god, you love to hear yourself talk
kinds of people

who have
i am passionate about reality t.v.
kind of personalities

when all i want is a
this is just life; hold on and don't fall asleep during the pretty parts
kind of vibe in the air

or a
sitting alone drinking whiskey and reading whatever it is in my hands
kind of afternoon

i have way better shoes than all of you
kinds of people are missing

when the air is
i don't know what temperature or density this air is, but i fucking love it
kind of air

it's a
whatever we feel like
don't stop for hitchhikers
command your troops to battle
pretend to love your enemies
kiss and tell
morning-after pill
age-defying cream
music video marathon
green grass
with a body in the basement
eight-bit delusion
fix yourself
kind of world

when all i want is a
listen to the Beatles on vinyl in my headphones
kind of night