"Imagine an Empty Room" by Caitlyn Siehl

Imagine an empty room.
Now imagine me in it.
Does it look emptier now?
Fun fact: loss tastes different every
single time we experie
nce it.
So what is it this time? Black coffee?
For me, it’s theater popcorn.

Tell me I’m the one who took it all out of you,
gutted you like a fish and left only bones.
Tell me I made you small.
Make me the bad guy so I can start
being the bad guy.
I won’t deny anything.

Imagine a pantry.
Now imagine me singing on 
my tippy-toes
trying to grab the last
can of chicken-noodle soup in it.
Does it sound like home or 
some place far away?

I was so close to giving you 
I was so close to making myself 
good for you,
but I couldn’t stomach it.

Was I the hole in your pocket
where your change fell through?
Was I the reason you couldn’t buy
your cigarettes?
Was I your bad dream?
Good. I wanted to be.