"Nothing That Wanted You" by Caitlyn Siehl


Oh, to be ravaged by loneliness.
By its soft, malleable teeth.
A slow death. A slow ravaging.
More like being pulled apart 
than eaten.

You used to beg God for this
at night, used to beg him to make
you small enough to get
picked up in something’s
mouth and then swallowed.

You used to bend your
shadow into something
worth slicing through,
into something that deserved
to be pried open.

What you didn’t know
was that nothing that 
wanted you 
had claws.

"Aliens" by Caitlyn Siehl

The aliens watch as
two humans go to a talent show
and sit in the back row.
One of them is sobbing and the
other one moves further away.
Peculiar, the aliens think,
noticing a loud hum.

When the show is over, 
both humans applaud along with everyone else.
The hum gets quieter as they
get up to leave, and the aliens 
notice that they’re both crying now.

Slowly, finally, the silhouettes 
of their bodies melt into one.

A quiet symphony. No hum.

The aliens compile a list of facts
to take back home with them:

1. The space between two people
has a voice
2. Crying sounds like singing
3. Bravery looks like a stage
4. They clap their hands because they
are looking for an excuse to hold