"I Am So Lucky" by Catie Sheeran

I am so lucky I dated you

I am so lucky you lowered my self-esteem

destroyed my trust 

my relationships with my family and friends 

locked me up 

and threw me into the deepest depression 

I’ve ever known


because if it wasn’t for you 

I wouldn’t know my own strength 

and resilience 


if it wasn’t for you

I would still be relying on men in general 

to make up my identity


and if it wasn’t for you 

I wouldn’t be able to spot a douchebag 

almost immediately across a room 


I am so lucky 

to have been dumped by a douchebag like you


because if it wasn’t for you leaving me  

I would still be parroting lame-ass love clichés

instead of wondering why your love

was so fucking exhausting 


why I tried to find pride in allowing you to 

cheat, demean, and ignore me

why I made up excuses for you 

believing in a happily ever after

if I worked hard enough on you


and now I wonder what I would have been 

if I had taken all that energy

and applied it to me 


but I would’ve never learned my lesson 

I would still be that girl 

society had molded me to be 

chasing after romantic love 

like a little bitch 

and men like you 

balancing a treat on my nose

while I waited for the next command


so I thank you


thank you for finding me

gaining my trust

tying me to a leash

training me on your definition of love 

and abandoning me in the middle of nowhere

to find my way back home 


to tough love

and men like you

thank you for being a douchebag