"Peanut Butter Poem" by Chris Barton

on a half eighth of mushrooms
i want to wear
all the T-shirts
at the thrift store


there’s a jean couch
by the kitchenware


& Alicia Keys sings:

this girl is on ˈfīiii(ə)rrrrr/
over the speakers


i’m goalless today
a la Eileen Myles
Peanut Butter day


“summer as a time
to do nothing & make
no money [day]”


i.e. unused cloud
storage day


who cares
anyway day


it’s hot
it’s June 

"An Introduction to 'I Thought
I Didn't Do That Anymore' " by
Chris Barton

there is a Stir Fry Cafe with endless noodle bowls
which is to say I ate psilocybin
which is to say I'm mildly dissociating while Lou Reed’s head
floats in front of the flat screens
which is to say we played pool
which is to say tequila shots
which is to say I could not dance at the next house
which is to say I called my ex for a ride
which is to say “what have you done with your life?”
which is to say I've defaulted on my student loans
which is to say the cat has never looked more purpose-driven
than while yawning mid-stretch
which is to say I smoked a cigarette on the porch
in the moonlight

which is to say I thought I didn't do that anymore

which is to say happiness is just the hope

that happiness can still exist

in the future, right?

which is to say

I was different once

that of course I've changed

and, hello,

we just met