"I Ate Gluten Today, to See If I Still Feel" by Christoph Paul

Fuck you gluten.

Why do you have to be
so delicious?

When I’m sad,

I say screw my gluten allergy

and go by myself
to the only Chinese restaurant

in Claremont, New Hampshire,
and eat all the chow mien & dumplings.

I still find it disconcerting
that there’s only white non-Jews eating there.
In South Florida, I’d be with fellow Jews and Italians
eating all the gluten-free dim sum.

But in this drug-infested den,

I eat the pile of bad carbs and pork
and feel like Samson when his hair grew back,
knowing I’ll soon die a spiritual death ––


on a throne of shit.
But I will pay my pitteance,
for give me gluten
or give me death.