"My Landlord & Tim Allen End Up in a Sitcom Together" by Daniel Crocker

By accident

someone from Hollywood called

my landlord for a reference


They knew from his voice

that' he's real America--

a regular Missouri guy--

the kind folks can connect with

so they coupled

him with Tim Allen


One will be the landlord

one the repairman


They'll put the show on

right after The Big Bang Theory


It will be a hit

Manly men will do what manly men do

like fixing your sink two months

after you ask them to


or hiking the rent


People will start to wonder

what they ever saw in those

nerds from BBT to begin with


All those Star Trek references

All those toys

Raj will anger them in ways

they can't or won't explain


They will begin to question everything

The Wonder Years

Sanford and Son

Will and Grace



The foundation of their beliefs

will quake


They'll watch because

someone rich told them to


They'll watch until they

question their Gods.