"Mission Instructions May Differ, but That's No Reason We Can't All Have a Picnic in the Park" by David S. Atkinson


I don't think Autumn knew that the yellow lighter was intentional, that I used it because of the myth. She either didn't get it or she didn't care, neutralizing the menace either way.


You remember the legend, smoking out with a yellow lighter would get you busted. How stupid. I only used yellow lighters, just to show 'em. Just because it couldn't affect anything anyway. Well, I got one. That was about all.


But that was enough for Autumn, horrified when she was over at the apartment and saw I had it. She took me to the Amoco and bought me a purple before she threw the yellow off an overpass.


Me? I was just hopeful about Autumn. She was cute, tall and slender, all purposeful in playful denim overalls. I went along with it thinking maybe her interest would become something more.


It didn't.


Though, it didn't end up mattering. The yellow lighter was just to be contrary, so I didn't lose much by humoring her. I got the memory at least, which makes me smile, even if I didn't get the girl.


In fact, I think that was the last time I ever saw her.