"Plumbing Facilities in the City of New Orleans May Be the Most
Memorable Thing About the Trip" by David S. Atkinson

Toilets on the trains in Egypt dumped right onto the tracks. No big deal, they just told you not to use it while stopped at the station as it would leave big piles of unpleasantness around where there'd be people. You could even see it, just a big open hole underneath you with the tracks racing below. It did feel a bit disconcerting having one's bits dangle above ground moving by so fast like that. What if it somehow got caught?


Things were clean though, at least in first class. Second class had something sticky and rancid over everything. I wanted to pee from the doorway so as not to stick. What would have been the harm? The lid was unattached and sitting adjacent anyway. It's not as if it would have made things worse, though I did keep in mind that second class was still way above the open metal cattle cars that the average person there rode in.


Had to remember to be grateful for how nice I still had it.


At first I thought Vietnam was the same, though it apparently flushed away to somewhere with no open hole in the bottom of the train. After all, there was water everywhere. Then I realized that the window was wide open and it'd rained in the night, providing perhaps the cleanest train bathroom ever, fresh as a cool spring storm.