"I Am Not Your Run-of-the-Mill Psychic" by Gerry King Hitt

What other psychics consider important messages from the dead are not what I get. 

For example my companion for 9 years had complete erectile dysfunction, possibly due to a lifetime of drinking. I figured I could go without sex for whatever time we might have together

before he died of cirrhosis.


Judging from his red face I thought he had approximately 2 years left.

He lasted 9 years! No good deed goes unpunished. 


I figure my good treatment of him prolonged his life but did not inspire him to give

up alcohol. So he prevented me from finding a man with better functioning equipment.

His penis might never have stood up again anyway. I am sure that is

what he thought, so why bother?


Some of the possible best sexual years of my life, my seventies, were wasted on this man. 

But I really did feel bad when he died predictably of cirrhosis. I had gone to his apartment

to give him a drink of water before bed and saw that he was breathing his last. He managed

to grab my hand before he left me. I saw his eyes slowly set.


He repaid me later for being so patient and kind to him for 9 years

despite what he could not do in bed.


I got a terrible cough 6 months after he left me for the other side. I could not stop coughing. 

His spirit suddenly came and took hold of my hand and he said,

squeeze my hand between coughs. 


I coughed for 4 hours straight without letting up.


I have chronic fatigue so I figured any moment I might cough myself to death.

He held my hand the whole 4 hours. 


After I finally quit coughing I realized I was getting turned on by him. He was healed!!

But we could still do nothing without being in the same realm. I am not that good

of a psychic....


I didn't know whether to rejoice or curse him. He was there. I was here.


Oddly furious, I promised myself I would not reunite with him

when I went to the spirit world. 

I was too mad at him for drinking himself to death without giving me

at least one good tumble in bed in 9 years.


Let all alcoholics learn a lesson from this sad account of what can happen

to their sex life if they persist.

This is a true story.