"Americana: A Creation Story" by Hannah Nathanson

Gigantic Marble named Americana gulped down unabridged being,
doubled in size and ran down the hill singing nursery rhymes. He ended
up in Connecticut, but had to take the train to Manhattan to work as a graphic designer on Wall Street every day.


Once the train went too far and Gigantic Marble arrived
at Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory crying because
he had left his golden ticket in California.
He screamed, “I forgot! I forgot!

Someone please help, I forgot!”

When Gigantic Marble remembered, he was waking up
in a bed with white walls and whiter sheets.
Someone whispered in his ear, “Life is a Ferris Wheel,”
which sounded eerily similar to something Gigantic Marble had heard before.


So Gigantic Marble swallowed the Ferris Wheel Planets
with 4,700,000 grains of salt. He grimaced and chased the meal
with 62 oceans. Inside Giant Marble, bacteria sent itself telegrams. They wired to each other messages in Morse Code, spelling out words like “BAMB!” and “WOWZA!”