"How to Stop Thinking About Death and Dying" by Howie Good

I’ve seen a bear and her three cubs outside the door this morning. At first I wasn’t sure. But now I’m like, “OK, why not?” These figures are mysterious. They’re not me. I don’t know – maybe because of cancer I’ve changed. I should go out, I should walk more, vulnerable in a way particular to men who are naked but wearing shoes.

"Encounters I May or May Not Have Had" by Howie Good

We’re trying to stay calm. We can’t lose hope. We’re the help, the security guard by the door, pink sneakers, legs crossed, giving the side eye in a medieval setting, with all these demons flying around that appear and disappear. Why are they doing this to me? This isn’t the world I signed up for. Today we were looking at flowers for the funeral. Feeling again her heart under my hand would have lit up the night. It would have been like raising a vessel full of gold coins from the bottom of the sea.