"VegFest" by Isabella J Mansfield

the vegans here categorize

into groups: women with

quirky haircuts, men with beards

and people who don’t seem

to remember how

to brush their hair


they will tell you all about

the eccentric boutique

they own, with the

studio apartment

upstairs and the urban

garden out back


they’re too excited to

discuss essential oils

and their podcast about

how to live off the grid

and they seem to not

understand the irony


they’re SO into juices

right now or drinking vinegars

or coffee made out

of mushrooms and whatever

is better than quinoa

or kale; so last year


they are peaceful

and kind, love everyone

and want to save the earth

and the animals and

cruelty-free everything


but how dare you

run out of jackfruit sliders

before they had a chance

to get one after they stood

in line for ten whole minutes


"Soap Smell" by Isabella J Mansfield

You buy cheap

grocery store lotion

and drug store soap

but it lingers.

God, how it lingers