"Pop Quiz Taped to the Door of Your Apartment" by J.M. Dalton


1. We had plans to watch Game of Thrones.

            TRUE             FALSE


2. You never showed up.

            TRUE             FALSE


SHORT ANSWER (1-2 sentences each)

3. What, to you, constitutes as setting a plan with someone? Does it come with any rules? Do you always reserve the right to cancel without calling/texting?


4. When you don't answer my phone calls, especially when we have plans, why do you get mad at me for texting? (Consider: I wouldn't text if you answered the phone.)


5. At what point did you decide that you weren't coming over? Did you think that you should call or text to notify me of your cancellation at that time? Why or why not? Be specific.


6. By doing these things, are you trying to "get back at me" for something in a passive-aggressive way? If so, what are you trying to get back at me for? Is it the mere fact that I have expectations of you?


7. Why is it so hard for you (or feel so constraining to you) to make a simple call or text? Why does such a small obligation feel like such a huge one for you?


8. Discuss your understanding (if any) of:

a)         how badly I miss you

b)         what your words mean to me

c)         what commitment means to you.


9. Do you resent me for how much I care about you? Do you see how you use that care against me?



10. Does love mean anything to you at all?


BONUS (∞ points)
When can I see you again?