"Caroline Doesn't Stay" by James Diaz

be careful

turn around dark eyes

the crumbling

is crossed in gold


how is anyone able

to cope

kick the wall

call on god

there is no

goddamn space



here, we are all here

packed in

sweating the earth out

of our bodies


you know

this isn't really a song,

don't you


and that I could never sing

and dance at the same time


o for fuck's sake

steal something

on your way out

break a law, a bone

a window - anything


don't just stand there

like you're working a puzzle

the pieces of your mouth

glued and glazed with artificial heaven


do you need me to show you,

like this

break down the whole 

into its parts


build it up again

row by row


let it ruin you / fill you up


you're a good cup.