"They Are Morning Glories Now" by Jason Baldinger

if you cut through the cigarette smoke

with a knife, this bar would still be here


we wonder out loud

when we got so fucking old

when closing down bars

got to be a bad idea

when seven in the morning

came faster than a heart attack

when you knew for sure

that if you had one more beer

it would be dry heaves

in storm drains come the morning


the band on stage is all K records

two girls a keyboard and a guitar

one rock and roll move between them

I’ve heard it doesn’t matter


the pool table is my domain

the beers from earlier

fuse with the edible and the blue

lit American flag, my head rushes


the second band takes off

keys and guitars, heavy drone

godhead drone. my eyeballs

have popped, they are morning glories now


and it’s just like Sister Ray says

where have you gone LaMont Young

where are you now Angus Maclise

Poppy Nogood I’m counting on you

while the room is swirling, while I’m spinning

I’m lost now, drowned out, leveled

swallowed by one chord, I am an entity

no body, I breathe sound

"Silver Origami Stars" by Jason Baldinger




the top labels

off high life




them to the



the floor



silver origami