"It Was There" by John D Robinson


I had something earlier,

writing that would

(in my mind)

seize the reader and now

I’m fucked if I can

remember what it was


it wasn’t about being

blown 3 times before an

11am church service

or swallowing magic

mushrooms 30 minutes

before going to work or

being drunk for 3 weeks:

it was a poem that would

would have stolen your

breath and hit you hard

in the gut:

fuck, I can’t remember,

you’ve had a lucky escape.

"I Had To" by John D Robinson

I heard him crying

one night, alone,

I crept downstairs

from my bedroom

into the lounge,

he wasn’t aware of

my presence:

I crouched down

and watched my

father weep, drunk,

confused and


for several minutes

I remained silent

and then I

returned to my

bedroom and wept,

I didn’t know why

except that

I had to.