"Sexting w/ Yr Dad ♥" by John Thomas

at the equator

the earth spins 1037 m.p.h.


i spent the morning sexting w/ your Dad


i typed 

"damn, i’m gonna finish"                        

-hit send-


yr Dad responded       

"lemme see"




"where do u wanna leave it? lulz"


everything comes to an end

and our sun is no exception

sure, our sun has millions of good years left

but its eventual doom is certain


i imagine me & yr Dad in space


i wonder what it's like to cum in zero gravity

absolute zero Dad bukkake?


in 1.1 billion years the sun will become a red giant

and grow larger and hotter

melting all the ice in the world

causing the oceans to boil away

creating a hot and hard planet


yr Dad told me he was so hot and hard

i came all over my phone

and bed

and yr Mom's housecoat


yr Dad likes close-ups of my mouth

yr Dad is obsessed with his giant giraffe neck

in my mouth


i tell yr Dad

using sexuelle verbs

how i intend to finish him

with my mouth

while yr Dad finishes himself

with his hand

thinking about my mouth


i tell yr Dad

about the sun

& how it is likely

our entire existence is random

that we are spinning 1037 m.p.h.

(at the equator)

without reason or meaning


yr Dad tells me to stop being so fucking goth

& send him more pictures of my mouth