"I Think You Loved Me More When I Used to Wear Sweatsuits" by Josh Olsen


The very first time you took me home     I was wearing a sweatsuit        we had known each other for years     but this was the first time you took me home     you even said this was the first time you brought someone home     who was wearing a sweatsuit     but this was no ordinary sweatsuit     this was one damn fine ENYCE sweatsuit     it was the night of your college graduation     you were in skirt and heels     and I was in sweatsuit and white Adidas     we danced to Nelly ft. Kelly Rowland     No matter what I do, all I think about is you     and you must have felt while we were dancing     that I thought of you as more than a friend     we had danced many times before     but this was the first time it ended with you taking me home     that night in your bedroom     I was too excited to perform     a memory that reddens my face to this day     but I put my mouth on you     and tasted you     inside and out     a flavor I now know and crave     it’s been years since I’ve worn sweatsuits     it’s been years since we devoured each other like we used to     fifteen years ago     but I want you to know     that I think about it constantly     recently we were shopping in Detroit     and a damn fine sweatsuit caught my eye     Maybe I should start wearing sweatsuits again     I said to you     and the memory of that first night together     compelled me to lay my money down 

"Spit Fight" by Josh Olsen

by the time we turned

to spitting in each other's face


and hair


and ears


and mouth 


we were already caked

head to toe

in sandy trailer park mud


so…what fucking difference 

did it make