"From One Ruined Human to Another" by Juliet Cook

Many of us want to quickly replace what falls apart.

Not just ripped socks, but a dead dog covered up

by a new dog.


If one dark hair

ruins a relationship, we can replicate our love 

into another body.

Another drink
for the eyes, any cup size,

as long as someone else is in our bed.


As long as we don't have to sleep alone for long enough

to think about who we really are, what we really want,

and why loneliness scares us closer and closer to death.
And so loneliness scares us closer and closer to love.


Many of us trash dull utensils, a cracked glass.

Half empty or half full doesn't matter, as long as it can be replaced

with a different better half. 


As long as we can fill up our own broken parts

with someone else's.