"Dementia Is a Raptor" by Juliet Cook

Am I just expected to drop everything
and come running whenever she screeches?


She keeps on screeching out her own bad apple,
hacking it out of a cockatoo mouth and then

it grows into a high-pitched velociraptor

diving in for the next attack.


I try to get away but
I try to take care of her broken parts but

what is the point of trying
when all she wants to do is poison me,

then suck my blood and watch us die together?

She wants to make me feel like a hideous beast

for being healthier than her.
She wants to snap another limb,
watch it fall all the way down
and watch me get crushed,


collapse next to the pressure

of her wheelchair, then use her

last bits of strength  to wheel her tires

across my head while screaming
this is all my fault and I deserve to die.