"Strictly Sorry by Character Count" by Justin Chase Jones


we tweet about psych meds by brand-name
to maximize visibility and focus on the symbol
rather than the sustenance because a
dip in engagement analytics has been an
unwritten BPD trigger since before we all
knew Mitski by name


the holiest positive ratio!
a perfectly cropped avatar of,
"House With Shingles, 1915"
wants a silicone ergonomic mood-ring
for their cock and for you to
flirt with their birthstone o!
how they trust your devotion to their
Amazon wish-list


these pictorial and off-beat
s a d b o y f e e l s
of chill-hop smoke/study beats
are found in your weak marrow
selected tweets  always available
swimming in your cell-count

but the sole push notification
Yr Fav Poet will receive is from the
Syracuse Amtrak station at night
while hiding in the soft grass of their politics
because they went off the grid
set all socials to private in a flaccid gesture
attempting to point toward atonement for abuse
with an arm willfully severed
at the hinge

"SHOOT THE GAP" by Justin Chase Jones

much like in the exceptional case of
Rodney Mullen's stance erasure
out of necessity I am
unlearning the loose remains of my
gender identity while
pushing through the thirst mechanism
on a conversational pro-am run
of gnarly wooden banks and heckish drops
where each interaction is a Mind Field
which is also a tight skateboarding reference
look it up, kid

I could flip and shove micro-fine lines
with the precision of a direct electric current
or the same amazing grace I keep reminding my family
to use my proper pronouns because after-all 
practice makes perfect and
Jerry Hsu didn't land each trick first try
in the "Bag of Suck" video

we came out fully yelling through a caveman
off the city hall ledge in the dark
born with the shame of
bailing scoop-nose on the sidewalk
like how this progress often feels like pain

for next year's pride I will do a mad
christ air over the parade and
destroy all TERFs