"Point and Click" by Kailey Tedesco

Call upon the past. Today I sit on my father's knee in the front of a 1996 IBM. We play Phantasmagoria. A magician feeds his wife to herself through a funnel & this makes me reconsider acts of disappearance. Andrienne begs Harriet to come away from the stove, to stop boiling rabbits, to stop grinding bones for broth for just a goddamn moment. (The way she says ‘goddamn’ is unnatural. I will always remember this.) Harriet wears a turban of CGI & the turban has no eyelids whatsoever. She sees now that Don is sick with a stomach full of bodies. Only the combination of rosary & Christmas ornament can help him purge the bloods that are not his own.


My father says he’ll

need an exorcism & I

control the cursor.