"D.C." by Kali Martin


drove an hour out of my way to pick up weed for the trip

just to find out that weed is recreational in d.c.

took the blue line to crystal city for $6 margaritas

and ended up giving my chicken nachos to a homeless woman with a smartphone

please don’t walk toward me i’m too drunk for this shit

and the blinking lights on the metro platform are mocking me 

"R.I.P. the Wart on My Pinky" by Kali Martin

i had a wart on my left pinky for most of my life

i always worried about getting married

and my future husband being disgusted by it

then one day i woke up and it was gone

i feel like i’ve lost a friend

"Heavily Influenced by LSD" by Kali Martin

i like the the gold nail polish on your pinky

and the way you always take off your socks before sex