"X" by Kate Wilson

It totally isn’t an issue that I fucking love

vices, both in concept and practice.

Are you truly from a small town if you haven’t gotten completely

wasted in a forest like twenty minutes away from your

dentist’s house? Technically speaking,

William of Ockham didn’t invent his razor

but I bet he cut himself with it anyway,

which is a terribly unfortunate thing to do.

And technically speaking, yes, most people who grow

up in small towns do not recreationally chew xanax between

their limping teeth just for the fuck of it, but I would bet that

a friar who was falsely credited for a principle of assumption

would understand where I’m coming from.


"Ernest Hemingway Pulls Shotgun Shells
out of My Liver" by Kate Wilson

early in the morning man is born between the mountains.

dawn is warmth unknown, bleeding at a type writer,


breaking in the strong places. early in the morning,

 g-d fleshes out woman, made of rib, of breastplate, 


of bullet. early in the morning, birds circle the shotgun,

untouched and unclean, and we do not mourn the loss.


one can fear themselves, and not their arms. one can fear

the ghost of what does not haunt them and the funeral parlor.


it is all the same; death un-deathed. it is a farewell,

to rip one’s maw open and swallow that which cannot be touched.


it is a miracle to pray to a g-d who does not listen,

who stammers diaspora and wake and leaving.


what a crime it is to fall to the ache and the howl and the

softness drenched in light. to hold the impossible weight


of living within the chamber of a gun, a plane, your two good hands.

insidious is that which ruins us. insidious is that which cradles us.

"Text Messages" by Kate Wilson

after Jordan Davis 

You are fierce in your love


You’re like ecstasy


I probably was too drunk that night


I’m sorry I didn’t walk the dog


What’s your favorite underrated song by an overrated artist?


Be a Sharknado everyday of yr life


Fuck cops


I’m just a dead bird this week


Yoshi is definitely a socialist


How do I write a eulogy but for my armpit?


I’m so sorry for who I am on a fundamental level


Foreskin is 100% a condom, but reversed


Sorry, I just woke up


Listen, I wrote my final film paper on why Silence of the Lambs
is about poor trade deals during the Regan era, and The Shining
is about the dissolution of the nuclear family so I totally know
what I’m talking about here.