"Dance On" by Kristine Esser Slentz

start by ingesting a stack of that clear molten liquid of yours

until those chest coils ignite again that spirit of yours


when the eyes won’t hold their place any longer

go climb grandma’s old coffee table of yours


or if out at a pub, the steel crafted bar top

to connect with that internal universal chaos of yours


with the external one starting to get the feeling

of vibrations to plateau at the top edge of yours


it’s impossible to be steady on the wet foundation

but the atmosphere air will bring this peace of yours


moving closer to selecting god, God, gods or god

to hear the feeling of these perfect sounds of yours


so, soak the senses and pickup   

those invisible waves of yours   


the arms, hips, hands, and knees praising

motion to this heavenly song of yours


to reenter the static plain of your friends

they will congratulate this existential journey of yours


for now, you have changed to them

for laughter and sadness have released of yours


it’s ok – because this is the meditation on

new decades and problems present of yours


but don’t tremble – Kristine – this rapture can stay –

there’s tomorrow night to give another self-life of yours

"Repeat" by Kristine Esser Slentz


I haven’t been crying so hard 

that my sinuses feel like 

they are about to bleed 

down to the forearms 

that were the only protection 

that still got punished 

repeat repeat 

this happens to those who

wait, work, and waste

though the tale was always

those who kill themselves 

are committing murder 

on their own wet flesh, but 

with another’s fingers 

repeat repeat repeat 

using kind trickery & knowingly 

no blessing of permission 

permits Him to reach past 

My twisted elbows to pull for 

a kiss on overly covered cunt 

repeat repeat repeat repeat