"Guts" by Lanny Durbin

We were barfing up spiced rum out behind the garage.

We were trying to do it quietly so Danny’s mom wouldn’t hear us and bust us.

But I don’t know if you’ve ever tried to barf in silence—difficult.

Three fifteen year old boys puking their guts out.

Black and brown from the Admiral Nelson rum and the A&W Root Beer.

Sounded like three confused street dogs barking weakly at the world.

We barfed and barfed until we didn’t have any guts let to barf.

We left them there in the gravel behind the garage.

I think mine are probably still there.

Every night I try finding them.

At least that’s what I tell myself I’m doing when I drink that same rum until I’m barfing it up again and again.

"Broken From Shrugging" by Lanny Durbin

Can you break bones from shrugging?

Because I feel like I have.

Just shrugged so many times that I’ve dulled the edges of my shoulder blades.

Just shrugged so many times that I’m crooked from it now.

And you know what?

I keep on shrugging.