".zero" by Lekan Alesh

there's a lot of digits behind a point

zero, waterdrops exist in million numbers

but if and only if you look closer, deeper

into the infinity ocean bathing possibilities 

would you see it too.

shade the light in your eyes and focus on

the non existent. like the smile of God, or hegel's

Absolute. like the tail of an amphibian star

sweeping through the starlight mud. the ghosts

of british empirists may haunt you for these

spiritual romance: some feel depressed 

at the scale of the universe because

it makes them feel insignificant. a magazine

of faces no one's prepared to read in the library

of time and space opens, buy just for a peep, will ya? 

"http://www." by Lekan Alesh


"mobile_app/SplenDo/remind me" by Lekan Alesh

to chant v a g a b o n d ten times like it's the name my mother forgot to give me because I was born according to a theory, too early, according to another, too late. both theories agree the h e r e wasn't meant for me with its still air of rust metal. 


do you care to fascinate me into existence, dear multiverse. i still look for homeness in broken mirrors. 


sometimes i forget myself in a body i couldn't recognize, wearing faces i thought belong to someone i used to call evil. sometimes i find me in sci-fi movies and wonder how nice it is to be home with the AI unburdened by family values and communal reservations. i want to scream "fuck you, alien" and have interstellar sex, my kids, half human half bread. things i can eat without my conscience eating back at me.