"Looking for K" by Liam Hunt

i’m a single mother, you can call me Savannah.25 yo and i’ve had depression issues since 11 years. Medication doesn’t work and now i just want normal life, If someone could email back with help or information i would appreciate it. I am looking for ketamine. I would like it if someone had knowledge about ketamine or k treatments or therapies. I want help. Also i will need a babysitter. Sorry my english is not good but if you see in my face you will know


Hi Savannah, why don’t you give me a call. 235-6760.

          - J.R.


i’m not very good on the phone can we just text. Do you have problems if we do that? Anyway i will text u after im home if thats ok. Let me know


Sure thing, Savannah. Anytime.

          - J.R.


Ok so i had depression problem for maybe 14-15 years. I have one daughter now and need help. I’m scared about her. Sometime it get bad for days and i dont get up. I tried everything. Sometimes i showered and dont get out for hours. Sometimes i sleep and dont get up. When i go around i feel like im dying or am dead now. I laid in bed in my towel today all day and didn’t move and i cried. My daughter is only 2 yo and she cant live like that. I gave my food to her. Everything i have. I need help for her too. They want to take her her. If they take her i will have nothing and my life will be over. Do you understand? I will die if they take her or if i am deport or in jail. I used to have husband and hes in a gang now and they will kill me if they find where i am. The cholo all want to kill me if they have me and my daughter will be taken too and i dont know what would happen when they take her. It would be worse than you can think. Im scared so i hide and dont want to move or go anywhere. Im tired. I have friends from the coyotaje boats still and they talk to me about medicines and help. ALl kinds of things. They told me about K and now i feeel like its what i need and maybe that will help my daughter too. If u know where to find it please tell me because right now i need it. I know i am not very clear in english but maybe if we meet together you will know. I can bring my daughter maybe you like her

I’m sorry to hear that. I understand what you’re going through, Savannah. I want to help. When’s a good time for us to meet? I’d like to hear about your situation in person. Maybe we can arrange something.


Can u come tonight?


Tonight won’t work. How about we schedule something for later this week.

          - J.R.


Tomorrow then?




tomorrow we will meet?


Good morning, Savannah. Let’s do tonight. 8?


Good morning that works for me thank you so much you are saving me right now. I had such bad night and bad sleep i cant even think today. Everything feels like dark. I had nightmares about being taken and i felt they were true dreams. I remember them so clearly. This happens almost all nights now i think about dying or being taken away. When I was young i thought that a dream was the future talking to you, trying to help you. Maybe dreams are my past telling me what could be. I woke up and was crying because im afraid of what will happen and what could be. Because if they take me then i am dead and my daughter maybe dead. I felt so bad when i woke up at first but i am so happy now and its because of you. because i read your message. I used to cry in the morning every morning but now i hope and i want the day and to get better. Please please help me god help me. Where do you want to meet me, i can do here if you want. If live near the west mall 5th station above the 711.but i can go anywhere if that is what you need but i will need to bring rosetta thats my baby girl. I will come ok


Hello let me know if u got that message i dont know sometimes i think they have my phone and turn it off. I dont know if it always works sometimes i cant tell, please tell me you got this message


Hi Savannah. Message received. How about we meet for coffee at the place across from St. Andrew’s Church. Does that work for you?


Ok i will be there. Thank you you help so much


Alright, excellent. Would you be willing to bring some of your papers? We’ll need photo ID and proof of address. I work for Children and Family Services and want to have a chat about your situation. We want to help you and your daughter find the life you deserve.






Why do you make me bring these thing. No i am looking for k or if you know about k therapies i think they would help me. I dont need any more help than that please


Can you still help please? Please?


Why did you do this i wnat to only to talk and to take medicine i have depression problem for years and you do this. Why? I need help please understand god please


Savannah, does your daughter live with you alone? We would like to have the chance to first have a quick chat over the phone. Or we can meet somewhere convenient, whichever is more comfortable for you. Basically, myself and my partners want to talk about your personal

situation, your family life, and what we can do to make things better. Does that work for you? You can bring a friend with you if that makes it easier.


Savannah, we are here to help. We can get you the therapy you need. We work with families like yours every day. That’s why we reached out to you. Call if you can. 235-6760.



I cant believe this


You fucking take me and my child how you assholes



I trusted you and you do this i cannot believe. Fuck you stop talking ot me and never talk to me again EVER. STOP


Your a liar. You cheated me you assholles i needed help i am a mother and i am not well and you did this to me. You are the worst person and i do not want you ever so stop talking to me and die


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I hate you for everythign after you talked to me i felt better like i had hope and happyness about the world and look what you made change. Everything. Thanks to you and your COPS


You know this will kill me. Your hands have BLOOD on right now for what you are doing. Me and my daughter BLOOD




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Ok fine




Im just so sad right now


Ok please im sorry.


Im sorry jr


please just listen and you will understand


only if you could see me