"So Tell Me About Your Day So Far" by Mallory Smart

we're shopping at IKEA

there was a shooting at an airport earlier

in another city

and when you look at your phone

instead of looking at me

i feel like i could be that airport

like actual death is happening inside of me

"I Sexually Identify as a Saturated Solution" by Mallory Smart

last night you asked

if i wanted to have sex

with someone else

i wonder how much


i can drink

before i have to answer

"Don't Want to Die and Stuff, Read Receipt" by Mallory Smart

on the plane back from denver, I'll watch Twin Peaks the return

and basically i will sob openly for 3 hours straight

i'll take a selfie of myself

and send it to you

and when i send it to you

i will kind of die

but not die

like coop

and somewhere between not dying and not living

i will become stuck

motionless lost

my brain splits in two sites

damn that was a weird show