"1974 California Yearbook (Found Poem)" by Melanie Brown

cause of despair: wrecking my bug

best times: when lee Maxwell told me what a taint was

"and the new day will dawn, for those who stand long,

and the forest will echo with laughter."

likes: Nikon, quervo, my van, and new experiences

cause of despair: the burritos in the snack bar

"cowabunga, all you grenies hot wax your sticks and

we'll hit it off the tubes."

worst times: "when a student teacher

practiced levitation in class."

Remembers: hickey sticks and chirps

pablo and shostovick, flying fingers,

good times with close friends

worst times: getting caught for sideburns

I remember: deep purple and the who concerts

wisest decision: not to be a smart aleck

hopes fulfilled: being good at wrestling and getting

a girl

attitude change: I'm a better person since I attended

VPHS: now I do everything with evil intent

best times: grateful dead concerts and skiing

foolish decisions: being overly mean to Jeff

cause of despair: finding out as time

goes by who are friends