"The Deer That Bleeds Down my Throat" by Mika Hrejsa

i am running i am
crying against soul flaying
winds acid corroding within
my ankles i am tapping my
foot in my decrepit Grand-Am the
air is stale with bleach and
a hint of rot w/ a deer bleeding
an eternity onto the floor 
it cackles as i pour bleach
into its throat victim of my
circumstance executed for
my inconvenience
i am sprinting until i collapse
my heels agonizing and 
slamming concrete sounding like 
plastic against plastic the sun
wafts into the front seat as it
strikes midday amongst the trees
the deer asks for more
i give more the deer begs
for more i give more the deer
bleeds profusely for more i 
give more i can only run away for so long
before the bleach is splattering the
car floor and
burning along the length of my
throat do you need more i ask
i bash a hole into the floor from
tapping my boots so rapidly in one spot for 2 years
the deer cranes its neck at me
what are you running from
don't be so nervous
cackle cackle cackle it goes
i tell it in plain english "i am the
hyena in this relationship"
cackle cackle cackle it goes 
more bleach i down its (my) throat
my car reeks the carpet gripping tight
on the rubber of my soles i cant
remember if i drank any i begin to
freak out realizing that for my whole life i've
always been the designated driver - a dead deer feeding me demands
while bleeding onto my arms can’t drive
i am cagey & eyes darting someone taps my
window i kill them with my fanged stare
they're dead now a second person does
the same and i indulge my future murder
victim with an “are you alright” and i
vibrate at 60k hertz in place and they give a “why does
your car reek of bleach”  i grant them a 
“to feed my deer what do you think” they walk
off i frequently wonder if they died
"holy shit" repeating in my head
“keep not giving a fuck and it'll all be
alright” / "y-yeah" i stammer out the deer
drapes its hooves over my shoulders and
the sweet nothings begin “don't mind
all those strangers they're trapped off
from the truth of suffering’s nonsense”
the feet of the deer convulse around my neck
and i think this is why i die this is how
i die i will die incomprehensibly i scramble
for more bleach to pour down my (its) throat
there's none left and i am drowning under a sea
of grocery bags tied like nooses the muscles of the deer's
legs begin to contract around my jugular
pressures on motherfucker - gasp gasp snap
i begin spinning with the car ceiling

my eyes burst open. don't be nervous. echoes
begin to reverberate in my bones. i rip my face off the dash,
sunlight having partially melted my skin to the polyurethane.
the hooved demon stares me down from his wood domain, 
his blood boiling still. blank-eyed, he gazes at me.
i bear fangs in my irises and the deer hops off 
into the evergreen void. my engine rumbles when i lurch
the key forward.
cutting through the fading haze of my perception,
“what are you running from” oozes out of the
stereo like the words are coated in sewage. 
the car begins weighing with loneliness
as i trap the forest in the mirror.