"I'm Quitting the Night Shift" by Miss Macross


i saw her in a long white dress in the parking lot

it was night

there were only three sources of light:

the waning moon,

a security fixture,

and the flames.

it was a long day, i told myself.

i had a long day.


she had a long day, too.

her trail of flames did not follow her

as she drew closer to my window

like my wits,

completely snuffed out.


it was a mistake and i should have known earlier

should have realized when i saw the way she walked

that she was no bride

and this was no spring

cosmos swaying and wilting in the midsummer breeze,

my feet burning on sun-drenched asphalt.

she never looked my way

she kept moving

broken steps – no, gliding – no, striding

it was so hard to tell with so much smoke in my eyes. 


"Nobody Ever Really Wants to Date the Bassist" by Miss Macross

i’m so tired of you

i’m not going to ask for permission again

i keep sleeping in

i keep trying to pour rock sugar in my iced tea


you learned how to play bass because you liked paul mccartney

you’re not going to ask me again

you keep playing the same bass line

you keep telling me that i’d be homeless without you


i started watching the tv on mute with the captions on

you didn’t like the noise

i didn’t ask how it could bother you

you were wearing headphones


you’re not going to ask me again

i’m going to stay up as late as i want

you said you don’t like playing music anymore

i can still hear that uninspired bass line