"There Are Nights I Lie" by Nathan Elias

There are nights I lie

naked in your bed, I hear the bathwater

rinse you of our make-up sex sweat, I smoke


your cigarettes, I look out your window, and I remember

a girl who loved me but moved to Boston and South Korea,


how I was too afraid to move away with her

even after she bought me a ticket both times.


You look at me with a green eye and a grey one

and I can’t believe that you’re going blind, no matter


how many times you say the doctors warn you. The heart sees

the truth even if the eyes cannot but still the night


can be my excuse to hold you and imagine what Seoul

would feel like and if it’s as cold there as it is


in your arms. I fear even the friction of our bodies

will not save us from another winter of desperation.

"Urn" by Nathan Elias


I’ve come for the ashes.


I’ve come to bury




I’ve come to put to rest

a decade,    dialysis.


In a North Toledo bar they serve breakfast

on Christmas and we feast

like it’s your last meal.


You always make me

promise to scatter her somewhere

beautiful. You’ve held on too

long; the time has come

to bind and release

us both.