"Blah Blah Blah Work Hard Blah Blah Blah Live Well" by Nicholas Alti

I smoke too much dope for success I’m underappreciated and overstressed zenith is a grove of magnolias where youths exchange mediocre oral Zion is a bar where the new manager makes everything so unsexy it used to be sexy in a cheap neon mixed drink & vague scent of genitalia-sweat sort of way heaven is still literally heaven but god what a waiting list I’m over it I don’t even look good in white or in wings & my head always aches anyways from a chronic diseases it’s an invisible disability and yeah it’s disabling and terrible so just imagine the pain of adding the weight of a halo I’ll join hell and it’ll be hot and I’ll smoke unfiltered cigarettes and sigh or whatever and all of my friends won’t be there but that’s fine I didn’t want to invite them anyway it’s not that I don’t give a fuck it’s that I give so many fucks I give all of my fucks and some of yours too it’s just that now I’m left fuckless and tired and fickle and sickly and I’ll have to get high before I start worrying about heaven or strange oral or my friends not being my friends anymore or my pulsating lack of even any potential for success in that particular order