"A Text-Message Breakup" by Niki Elizabeth


"i love you, but i can't do this right now.

i need a break to think.

we can try again in a bit.”


Do you know how stupid that is?

You don't get to pick and choose when to be with me.

You don't get to wait ‘til it's easier and less stressful.

Life will always be stressful,

and love is never easy.

I guess I should have expected this

from a boy who still likes Hollister.

"Heroin/e" by Niki Elizabeth

it's kinda funny that every time someone asks me how he died

i know i have to tell them he was a heroin addict with a bad batch of heroin

then autocorrect takes over –

and it’s “he was a heroine addict with a bad bitch of a heroine”


one rehab after another - he tried to get sober

but always ran back to the drugs

one relationship after another - he looked for someone to save him

but always ran back to me


maybe i'll stop trying to fix my autocorrect

heroin, heroine - what's the difference?

we both killed him in the end