"Work Drama" by Perry Davis


I'm getting my ass kicked.


I want work documents to be people

So I can slam their faces into my desk,


And never stop until 

Everything from the shoulders up 

Is turned into a fine powder

That I can mix with eraser shavings and

Dump into the trash.


I want to tell coffee

That I no longer love her and

That this relationship has become toxic.

While she tries to understand what went wrong in our relationship

I’ll try to explain that I’m trying to be a happier person, but

The past few years have felt like one long Monday

For the both of us. 


I'm stapling files
And I want each file to be 

A different boss so I can win multiple

World records for putting the most

Staples in a sheet of paper. 

I want to be toilet tissue 

So someone can wipe their asshole with me and 

Flush me out of this building.