"Your Winter Hair" by Rebecca Kokitus

in the winter you let your hair grow wild 

and your beard grew thick 

catching my every seep 


I imagine us older, in some little house

where you’d kill the spiders for me

and I’d cut your hair like Samson

when you’re depressed,

hold you like an infant after

until your strength returns 


imagine a love like 

you shaving my legs in the bathtub 

like peeling off the remnants 

of your sunburn 

like making you tea after dinner 

with extra sugar 

like all the warm little things 

that we can’t tell others about 


like the way you call it tangling 

when we become a knot of limbs 

and the way you tell me everything 

you love about me every morning 


and I know I’m drowsy 

I know I don’t say much  


but it’s not just my medicine that’s 

teaching me how to 

be gentle with myself