"Fuck Off" by Sam Pink

It always feels unclear what's being asked of me.

I never know what's being asked. 

So I asked the darkness in the backyard. 

I asked the trees. 

I asked the graves in the nearby cemetery. 

I asked the crows. 

They all said fuck off.


"The Woodchuck" by Sam Pink


The woodchuck in my backyard doesn't trust me.

And he's right.

Because the first chance I get, I'm gonna put this tiny witch hat on him.

Stupid piece of shit.

"Happy Poem" by Sam Pink

I woke up smiling today.

And butterflies gently pulled the sheets off me.  

And I floated out of bed, landing on my feet softly, with a 'ding.'

And I looked out the window.

And it all looked how it should look, the same as always, but it wasn't, it was very different.

It was so different.

"Broken Bones" by Sam Pink

Riding my bike home tonight, I slalomed around fireflies.

And went down a road so dark it made me dizzy.

And without even trying, rode my bike up into the darkness and was gone, folding outwards into the rest of it.

And nobody missed me because I'd been saying my goodbyes for a long time.