"Sure, Why Not" by Sam Price

I suppose 
I am not alone

in that I keep thinking
about how hard

how incredibly hard
life is to navigate 

while simultaneously making choices 
that increase its complexity

"Blinking Awake to a Beautiful Face" by Sam Price

it’s crazy to feel depressed
& also in love

or maybe it’s normal
like waking up

and having to make coffee
to actually wake up


"Shower Rings" by Sam Price

& the sound they make shuffling

along the curtain rod


signaling someone

you love leading

leg first & settling midstream—


waiting to be soaped

in those parts we need

someone else to reach

"The Soon-to-Be Marathon Winner Boards a City Bus" by Sam Price

I've displayed the meager medals of my life

garishly and to anyone in proximity


but surely everyone finds themselves

obnoxious, occasionally unlivable


still, what do I mean

when I say the things


I’ve been meaning to say to you

to someone else entirely?


I drive three miles to the gym

to run three and a half miles


when I get home I eat,

shower, and then eat again