"That's Just the Trouble with Me" by Tallon Kennedy

Night I could have prevented     Night you could have prevented    Night piercing me with bullets        

falling from your mouth               Night the wind reminded me      I could be blown away       Night

covering us like a pall                   Night your breath spiraled           a whirlwind through me      Night

I saw my world collapse                          in your eyes                          Night   you held my hands

so I couldn’t strangle                                  myself                                Night I knew was coming          

Night I never imagined                               Night                              I looked over the bridge       and

thought the fall from Hell                 could be so sweet                   Night       you stole my nightmares

from my imagination                held them up to the streetlight                and saw them glint             

Night your teeth looked like                   razor blades                              Night I learned pain         

Night I wanted                                        a murderer                                   to thrust a knife          

through my heart                                   to relieve me                                from your wound             

Night                                                    still feels unreal                         Night I turned into Alice           

crying                                                     in the forest                                    of Wonderland:           

Well, when one’s lost,                  I suppose it’s good advice                    to stay where you are 

until someone finds you.                 But who’d ever think                         to look for me here? 

The night                                       we watched that movie                         you messaged me             

Nov 17, 11:55PM                      Ur such a great person tallon                         i love u                           

so much                                  And I’m so glad you’re in my life                If I listened earlier            

I wouldn’t be here                              Who would think                            to look for me here?            

Are you there?                                    Are you there?                              Night I became lost          

Night I lost                                               so much                                           Night I lost

so much                                  Night I lost       a language for           Night I lost             your affection

Night I lost  control             broke down on the kitchen floor    called my father for the first time in years