"Five Dream Sequences for Film" by Theodore Fox


a shot of a doorway. pan down: a pile of sweaters on the floor. the camera hangs on the rat king of sweaters for 30 seconds while jazz music plays. cut to a window, frosted over. the sound of crackling ice. the white paint on the window frame is peeling badly and the wood revealed is swollen. pan and zoom on right side of frame, which now bisects the shot. the wood swells. cut to black.


blue mist being swept up and spiked with flashlight beams. frogs croaking at dusk in spring. a threat. cut to a pond under the heavy iron supports of a bridge. the croaking fades slowly.


a face framed with upper lip at bottom and hairline at top. eyes blinking. pupils moving from side to side, gently. mouth tenses. cut to tight overhead shot of a bed being stripped. camera slowly zooms until the lens is glaring into the bare mattress. the scene brightens as the camera zooms until the shot is completely washed out. slow fade to black as the lights are lowered. the texture of the mattress becomes visible again as the scene fades.


books on a library shelf rush by as the camera tracks the entire length. sound of pages flipping crossfades into sound of a pulp mill and then into the sound of a wood axe chopping down a tree. a loud noise stops it all. exploding head syndrome.


daylight on a beach. cut to inside of a high school with hospital green tile. many students at lockers on each side, but none of their faces can be seen. dolly moves down the middle of the hallway, slowly. a person going the same direction as the camera walks into the frame so that the camera is over their shoulder. they stop to look to the side, startled by something. they settle to walking forward again, matching pace with the camera which continues to follow them. very gradually, the frame rate is reduced until motion stops. the still image hangs, then slowly crossfades into the next scene.